PRONOUNCED: [ Doran - Greek - EE - Uh ]

Deanna Dorangrichia earned a BA in studio art with a concentration in drawing. She now makes utilitarian ceramics in small batches using stoneware and porcelain. All pieces are wheel thrown or hand built with careful consideration while honoring the ancient Japanese aesthetic that values the imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete known as wabi-sabi. Rooted in the belief that more is not necessarily better, Deanna produces work that embraces simplicity and minimalism – a reminder to slow down and pause with intention.

The final glaze results often incorporate a glazed line – a nod to her background in drawing and a reference to the philosophical belief that drawing is the foundation of all art disciplines. For Deanna, the line represents both a starting point as well as a continuance; everything begins and remains in existence in one form or another.

Dorangrichia Ceramics creates designs that consider shape and form with regard to how the piece will be used; each should stand on its own, feel good in the hand, and function with purpose. All ceramic pieces are created for the incorporation into one's everyday, and, therefore, catalyze the continuance of the lines in the work. So, whether it’s a coffee mug one drinks from each morning, a new recipe plated in a serving bowl and shared amongst friends at the table, or an array of market flowers placed in a vase, a tradition is born.

The making of each ceramic piece is only the beginning of its significance and narrative; please use often to create your own memories and history.






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