Seismic Wave Tumbler

Seismic Wave Tumbler


I habitually drink my coffee from of one of these each morning.

Add your favorite beverage to this tumbler; use for wine, bourbon, juice, coffee, tea, cider, hot chocolate, etc.


Glaze Color: *White that ranges from crystalline white to satin white. Each tumbler has a glazed green line on the exterior.

(The glaze variations work well together, but should you purchase more than a single tumbler, I will do my best to pick out the most cohesive/unified group for you.)


Size: Holds approx. 10 oz


Mid-fired, wheel thrown, white stoneware.


*All glazes are food safe.

Every tumbler is individually made in small batches, therefore, each will vary slightly from one another in exact dimension and glaze results. This makes every one unique.

Tumbler is microwave and dishwasher safe, however hand washing is recommended.