Keepsake Jar

Keepsake Jar


A container for your treasures. A study in what we keep; what objects we protect, hide, contain, preserve, etc. 


Use to hold jewelry, candy, tea, matches, money, condoms, cotton balls, what Seth Rogen smokes, incense cones, swears, etc.


Each jar is unique and lid pulls are often made from reclaimed material.



Glaze Colors: Cream w/a Warm White glazed line on exterior and three dots on interior.

Size: Approximately 2.75" high and 3.75" diameter


Wheel-thrown, mid-fired, white stoneware, with a reclaimed, natural leather pull.


Hand washing recommended for jar & SPOT CLEAN ONLY for lid.


All glazes are food safe.


Every jar is individually made in small batches, therefore, each will vary slightly from one another in exact dimension and glaze results.