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Build, Body, and Bone Series

Build, Body, and Bone is my current, in-progress, ceramic series in which I explore and push the theme of continuance. This body of work consists of sculptural vessels that are an extension of my functional ceramic work. Build, Body, and Bone examines and presents a visual representation of loss, scarring, and rebuilding via negative space, altered forms, and contrasting textured glaze applications with the goal that they will provide a physical and visual blueprint of process, vulnerability, reconstruction, regeneration, and growth. Navigating through life requires ongoing fluidity as we experience loss and change. We continue to evolve throughout this process and adjust to what is taken away or relinquished. Metamorphosed, we attempt to maintain what we have and/or attain what is needed to support our own functionality and stability. Each vessel carries negative spaces, glazed to highlight moments of disruption and show how the negative can only exist upon the positive, exploring what it means to be whole. This constant restructuring lends itself to how we learn, and how we build upon, and around change and loss. In the creation of negative space comes strength as we nurture our wholeness and entirety. This body of work explores if we are still “complete” with what we’ve voluntarily removed or involuntarily lost, as we stretch and push ourselves through our upward growth.

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