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Home Series

Home is an exploration of memory, time, and the impermanence of place. Through the utilization of multiple viewpoints of the same subject, the act of transfiguration presents itself. As our own perceptions shift and time passes, we can remember places and times differently.  By presenting the same vantage point in multiples, using different mediums, the drawings represent the transience of not only memory, but of place.

Red Lanterns Series

Red Lanterns depicts Physalis alkekengi, also called Japanese lanterns, or winter cherries. The series begins with the exploration of the plant’s life cycle phases, which requires pause and examination. The drawings capture the beginning and evolutionary stages of life.  As the series evolves, so does process—  the drawings later in the series pay homage to artists from the past and investigate connectivity during inception. Each plant creates a seedling, as each artist has seedlings who will study their work. Red Lanterns is a study of the past and an understanding of one's participation in the present, and a desire to nurture the future. All art is a ceremony of loss, lineage, evolution, and exploration. Red Lanterns aims to both preserve moments of process and transformation and document how everything is intertwined.  

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